An Introduction To Tibetan Clothing

Over the years, people of the Tibetan origin have created their own style of clothing that is adapted to their weather, land, history, beliefs, culture, character of the locals and the way of their life. Different area of Tibet has their unique style of clothing. Tibetan style of clothing consists of a shirt and a robe. The robes worn by men are broad and are fastened just beneath the right armpit. The shirts they wear are high collared. On the other hand, women, wear shirts with collars turned down. They wear colorful clothes.Wearing of aprons is quite popular in the Tibetan culture. This style of dressing is especially reserved for women who are married. The unique ornaments that they adorn and their unique dressing style are featured by diversified patterns and styles. The robe and the shirt are considered as traditional costumes which are believed to be there from the ancient times. The Tibetan style robe is characterised by loose waist, long sleeves and large lapel.In addition, the faccone decoration is also essential in the Tibetan culture. In fact, people from different areas of Tibet have their own style of clothing which is usually influenced by the environment and religion.In northern Tibet, herdsman wear robes which are fur lined throughout the year because in this area, the weather is cold. The temperatures during the day and night vary greatly and therefore the way the wear their shirts and robes also differ. During the day, men tie the sleeves around their waste and wear the robe like a shirt. Robes which are fur lined are quite bulky, have no pocket and are usually tied at the waist during the day to give the wearer plenty of room to carry their daily necessities inside.In pastoral areas, clothing worn by the herdsman is quite popular for their decorations. Their clothing is hemmed in black cloth at the lower edges, cuffs and at the front. Women generally wear colorful aprons.In the southern part of Tibet, the weather is damp and warm and clothing is generally made from woolen cloth that is hand woven. Women and men button their clothes on the right hand side.There are many other types of clothing and accessories used in the Tibetan culture and these are usually featured by diversified patterns, styles and bright colors. The Tibetans wear a number of ornamental articles to adorn their hair, chest, ears, waist and hand. Common types of accessories that they wear include Tibetan style caps, Hada, Bangdian, Tibetan style ornaments including plastrons and earrings, colored lacquer high pointed hats and Tibetan style boots.